Network & Databases


We are skilled in working with Ethernet network and Profibus/Profinet.

Ethernet is typically used for networking several SCADA operating stations for operating the plant.

Profibus/Profinet can be used for a various number of purposes. Typically it is used for distributed I/O´s, thus minimizing the amount of cables to be installed.

Another advantage of the Profibus/Profinet is the possibility to connect equipment from different suppliers to the PLC in a cost efficient way. This could be equipment such as frequency inverters. In this way you will save the cost of the analog output. Further you will have the possibility to readout data from the inverter such as actual speed, current etc


At Dupont & Co. Automation A/S we help you manage your databases and keep track of your production data.We work with most databases (MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, ODBC etc.).

Databases makes it possible for your company to access important information and stores it in a secure way. Data can be used to analyze and optimize your production ensures that customer requirements regarding food safety and traceability are met.

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