Wonderware & Siemens

We have in Dupont & Co. Automation A/S chosen Wonderware and Siemens for designing MES functions. All the necessary information will be placed at disposal in several databases, and only have to be merged for use in the specific work situation. The systems are particularly useful, as the systems are constructed for connecting to the most common databases (MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, ODBC etc.) simultaneously in a real Client/Server environment.

Furthermore we can, as an application partner in Progress Software, make use of the world wide experience from the more than 5000 pre-manufactured applications. This gives together with the GUI-builder the possibility to make powerful solutions in a very short time. Combined with many years of experience from production control systems on machine level, this gives us a good base for designing the control of exactly your factory´s production sequence.

Industrial PC, automation, IPC

MES - Systems

MES (Manufacturing Execution Support Systems) is a common term for software applications for control of production sequences. E.g. the term covers order management, material management, quality control or accumulation of information. Most factories today have one or more of the above mentioned functions introduced more or less automatically.

The missing link

Factories often have a sharp boundary between their different production control systems. There is the management/economical part and a machine control part. The relevant information for one system can be found as fragments in other systems, but typically the communication is based on printouts and re-typing. Popular said there is a Missing link

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