The Company

Dupont & Co Automation A/S was started by the brothers Flemming and Allan Dupont Kjeldsen in 1998. Seven years later robotics company Cora joined. The company is located in Tjærby just outside Randers in Denmark. The company designs and programs automation solutions for machines and robots around the world.

Energy saving solutions

At Dupont & Co. Automation we make energy effecient solutions. Using the new technology it is possible to lower energy consumption and material use. Intelligent monitoring systems and sensors saves ressources and helps your company reach their climate goals.


At Dupont & Co. Automation we stay up-to-date with the newst technologies and standards. We make sure our staff has the relevant courses and education.

We also help educate the new automation generation, to ensure they have the right qualfications. Therefore Dupont & Co. Automation often have trainees from the automation technolgist og engineer educations in house.

In 2019 Dupont & Co. Automation was nominated as ‘Dania Internship of the Year’ following a successful internship with automation technologist Kasper Jensen.

Need an automation specialist?

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