We have been happy working with Dupont & Co. Automation as they deliver as promised, even under pressure. At Dupont & Co. Automation they deliver solutions at a high level and the dialogue is friendly and easy to understand.
Our collaboration was about automation in the food industry, where PLC and SCADA solutions with PackML and data collection where delivered by Dupont & Co. Automation. Delivery was on time and of a high quality which makes Dupont & Co. Automation a trustworthy and flexible automation supplier.

Danny Petersen
Project Manager, CTi Process

Dupont & Co. Automation has helped EA Dania educate automation technologist through several years. The students have had a 3 month internship in the company where they have been equipped with the personal and professional skills needed to enter the automation industry. After the internship, Dupont & Co. Automation has helped when the students make their final exams in cooperation between student, school and company.
Both EA Dania and the students have been very pleased with Dupont & Co. Automation, which in 2019 resulted in student Kasper Jensen and Dupont & Co. Automation being nominated as ’Dania Internship of the Year’.

Lars Dam
Lektor, EA Dania

“We have used Dupont & Co. Automation in numerous automation projects on our shrimp factories in Ilulissat and Sisimiut. In collaboration with us they have solved tasks to our complete satisfaction. We have completed projects, which have consisted of big re-adjustments of our production, and the result has been equal to our expectations and demands. There have been achieved essential cost savings in the production, both concerning the staffing level and energy.
Projects have been solved in accordance to the timetables and within the economical frames that were available. Their On-line connection from Denmark through the internet to our factories is a very favourable, and quick help when there is a need for maintenance and support. ”

Bjoern N Hansen
Driftschef Rejer, Royal Greenland

“We use Dupont & Co. Automation to complex automation assignments. This applies to when we have an alteration to our production plant or when we extend with production capacity. Dupont & Co Automation A/S provides us with PLC and SCADA solutions, which match the high requirement specification level we have in Fertin Pharma. Regarding functional descriptions, they are commonly composed by Dupont & Co. Automation A/S in consulation with us.
They have worked for us in a number of years and especially during the removal of our base production, they have handled PlC and SCADA programming perfectly. It was a big challenge when existing Siemens PLC systems was due to be updated and there also was installed new Siemens S7 PLCs.
Today, our production is completely dependent of the data collected, which is following the product to the individual PLC systems. There is continuous performed data acquisitions and the datas are logged. Dupont & Co. Automation A/S has made the programming in a way that all is send to our MSSQL server, and there is used Microsoft reporting services when viewing the data. Hereby, the demand to traceability is fulfilled on all our materials.
Regarding controlling and visualization we use Intouch from Wonderware, and with Dupont & Co. Automation A/S as system integrator we are very satisfied with the programming, which has been made. During the commissioning of the new equipment or changes on consisting systems it is extreme important for Fertin Pharma that the supplier shows great flexibility. Here we have been absolutely satisfied with Dupont & Co. Automation A/S.”

Bo Korsgaard Jensen
Project Manager, Fertin Pharma

“Dupont & Co. Automation A/S has for a number of years worked for Royal Greenland. They have been involved in automation soulutions for our shrimp factores in Ilulissat and Sisimiut. The contract has consisted of installation and commissioning of new PLC systems for shrimp production. Likewise, Dupont & CO. Automation A/S has put new SCADA systems into operation used for full management and surveillance of the valuable shrimp production.”
Furthermore, there have been developed WEB based historical data, which is stored in SQL databases. We can herby continuos follow up on data from the production – and the end customer’s demands regarding food safety can be fulfilled. There is a variety of PLC and SCADA systems on our factories and as a long-established supplier Dupont & Co. Automation A/S manages the manufactures we use. ”

Bjarne Søndergaard
Group Project Manager, Royal Greenland
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